Star Trek: Voyager

Absent Friends
Janeway and Chakotay meet on Earth as Janeway remembers an absent friend
PG-13, J/C, J/m

Accessory to Fanfic
This Chakotay/Seven nonsense has gone on far too long...
PG-13, C/7, J/C, severe head injury fic

After the Funeral
Janeway's husband watches as she grieves for Chakotay.
PG-13, J/C, angst, farewell to voyager fic

Janeway and Kashyk, painting and lies
PG-13, J/Ka

Janeway and Chakotay make their relationship public, much to the consternation of the crew.
PG-13, J/C, 2nd Place, Best Lower Decks story, 2000

Book of the Dead
On her deathbed, Janeway experiences hallucinations
PG-13, J/C, Best Janeway/Chakotay story, 2000

Seven of Nine is evil.  Seven of Nine must die.  And if the Great Bird won't answer their prayers, then a group of junior officers will just have to take care of it themselves.
PG-13, sort of J/m, mostly a parody

Doing Fine
Back in the Maquis, Chakotay thinks about his relationship with Seska.
PG-13, C/Seska

False Readings 
Kashyk encounters another formidable gaharay from Voyager
PG-13, Kes/Kashyk

Filial Duty
Sequel to "Trade".  Mehara learns the truth. Very dark.
R, J/Ka, severe angst

Fitting End
Life goes on after "Endgame".  Things change.  Relationships change.  Takes place 7 years after Voyager's return
PG-13, J/C, J/m, C/7

Janeway deals with failure, both her own and that of her husband.
PG-13, J/m

From a Talaxian to his Captain
A dead letter fic.  Neelix has a few things to clear up.

Funeral Scene
Well, look at the title.  "Endgame" universe.
PG, C/7, drabble

Happily Ever After
"We did all right in the end, didn't we."  Self-indulgent fluff.
PG, C/7, J/C friendship

Her Grief
Kathryn must deal with the most painful loss imaginable
PG-13, J/C[offee]

Human Interaction
Seven watches Janeway and Chakotay in the mess hall one evening.  Based on a JetC22 challenge.
PG-13, J/C, C/7

Email, some less than subtle jokes, a gratuitous naked Talaxian reference and some Goings On at Deck 9, Section 12
PG-13, plus A for Absurd

INVASION OF THE FURBYS: A Tale of Power, Greed and Advertising Ploys in 1 Act
Could Voyager get any worse? Could TPTB sink any lower? Could your author be suffering from a severe head wound? (Not at all, she's enjoying it very much)

The Last Word
A Dead Letter challenge fic. Janeway and Q, after her death.
PG-13, J, Q

Liminal State
Janeway, after Voyager
PG-13, J

Live Nude Talaxians
A naked Neelix, drunk Janeway drabble.
PG-13, drabble, sort of J/N

Lunch Date
Janeway and Chakotay spend an afternoon together fifteen years after Voyager's return
PG-13, J/C, 3rd Place, Best Challenge story, 2000

a group of junior officers meet to discuss their ongoing attempts to get Janeway and Chakotay together
PG-13, J/C, crew

A Minor Discipline Problem
A sequel to Matchmaking. Mulchaey was apparently demoted between "Drone" and "The Haunting of Deck 12". Why?

No Words
Janeway returns to the delta quadrant in silence.
R; J/Ka

Seven and Chakotay are trapped alone on a planet.  No monkeys
PG-13, C/7

Purely Metaphorical
Once upon a time, 400 years in the future...
PG-13, J/C, C/7

The Offering
Janeway discovers an object which will get Voyager home, for a price.
PG-13, J

Q Ex Machina
A coda to "Endgame" and a bookend of sorts of "All Good Things..."
PG-13, J, Q

"I'm in New York, no need for words now"
R, J/C, C/7

Sticky Date Pudding
In the pursuit of Kathryn Janeway's affections, Chakotay has some unexpected competition
drabble, no rating

In a life or death situation, Chakotay must choose between Janeway and Seven.  How can he -- and the crew -- live with his choice?
PG-13, J, C, 7

Talking to Echoes
Janeway regains consciousness after Voyager is attacked.  Angsty.
R, J/C

Janeway, Chakotay and Seven consider their complicated relationship
R, J/C, C/7

An AU in which Voyager's crew is captured by the Devore.
PG-13, J/Ka

Trying to Forget
Years after voyager's return, Seven and Chakotay remember Janeway
PG-13, C/7 echoes of J/C and J/7

Worse Than Leola Root
Only one substance can rival it...
drabble, no rating