Multiplying Zeroes
by LizBee

Summary: Harry and Ginny: most boring pairing ever, right?

Rated G

Notes:  I have it on good authority that we should Just Say No to "interesting" POV experiments, but I usually ignore free advice.  Written in first person plural, just to prove that I can.  Title from a comment ChristineCGB made about Cordelia/Connor.  I can remember the days when the merest mention of H/G made me shudder, recoil and throw things.  I think SugarQuill has eaten my brain.

Disclaimer:  J. K. Rowling.  Property of.  Profit derived from this fic: nothing.


"It's a bit like multiplying zeroes," Parvati said, and we all laughed, rather louder than we intended.  Hermione Granger gave us an irritated look over the top of her book, but didn't say anything.  Not that she could stop us, exactly, though she was the most dictatorial prefect we'd seen since Percy Weasley.  But she was friends with Harry and Ginny, and none of us quite trusted her not to tell them.

Anyway.  It was a bit like multiplying zeroes: Harry Potter, the most disappointing boy in the school, and Ginny Weasley, who was as shy as her brothers were outgoing.

"I wonder what they talk about," said Helena Marchpane.  "If they talk at all."  She was a cruel mimic, imitating Harry's mute stare.  Lavender jumped up and joined her on the couch, pushing her hair over her face and mocking Ginny's wide eyes and nervously parted mouth.

Hermione snorted, grabbed her books and stormed out of the common room, giving Lavender and Parvati a dirty look as she passed.  They exchanged slightly guilty glances, but then Livvy Purcell giggled, and we all exploded.

It wasn't that we didn't like Harry, or even Ginny.  He was a nice guy, usually pretty friendly, really impressive on the Quidditch pitch.  And let's face it, with things the way they were, we'd rather be on his side than anyone else's.  Although Helena had said, "Not exactly beside him."  Cedric Diggory had tutored her in Charms last year, and she'd been more upset than any of us over his death.

As for Ginny, her dorm mates said she was really nice once you got to know her, or more precisely, once she knew you well enough to open up a bit.  We had the feeling that she was the person that the fourth year girls went to with their problems; not that we'd ask them.  You try getting some common sense out of a fourteen-year-old girl.  Even Lavender and Parvati could be a bit trying, sometimes.

Nice as they were, though, none of us could figure out why they'd be a couple.  Or how it happened.  As far as we knew, they'd been separate entities in the evening, and a couple by the next morning.  Sally had blushed and admitted that she'd spent that night sneaking around with her Ravenclaw boyfriend, and she'd seen nothing.  Maybe the rumours about Harry having an Invisibility Cloak were true, or maybe we'd just missed … something.  Something important and obvious, and happening right under our noses.

Had Ron Weasley set them up?  He certainly didn't seem to care that Harry Potter might be doing all sorts of things with his little sister.  Nor did the twins have much to say, though as Alicia pointed out, of that family, they were the least likely to impose rules.

But Harry and Ginny didn't seem like a real couple at all, and we had some fun speculating on what they might be hiding.  The Slytherins did more than just speculate; they were spreading some pretty impressive rumours.  We were Gryffindors, though, and as much as we liked a good gossip, we weren't going to be that hurtful towards our housemates.  Sure, Helena had a sharp tongue, and Parvati and Lavender had a sort of one-sided rivalry with Hermione Granger. But at the end of the day, we were on the same team, and Lavender us lost twenty points when Professor Snape caught her fighting about it with Millicent Bulstrode.

We'd fight for them, lose points for them; at the end of the day, we'd probably support them.

But none of us could figure out why.  Why they were a couple, and why they inspired so much debate.

We fell silent as the portrait hole opened, wondering if Hermione had told her friends what we were saying.  But Harry and Ginny barely gave us a second glance as they drifted through the common room and took a couch at the other end.  They weren't touching; they hardly even looked at each other.  But there was no escaping the fact that they were together.

Harry leaned over and said something to Ginny, who threw her head back and laughed.  When she took his hand, it was with the hesitance of a new lover, instead of a girlfriend of over a month.  There was something there, but it was less obvious than the fumbling gropes of our relationships, or even the charged arguments between Ron and Hermione.

We found ourselves wondering if we'd ever be able to figure it out, even if we had a lifetime to study them.

Then Sally met Lavender's eye.  The moment passed, and they started laughing.  Next thing, we were all rolling around on the floor shrieking.  We were vaguely conscious that Harry and Ginny had come out of their little cocoon to stare at us, but we didn't care.  Helena pulled Lavender to her feet.

"Let's go," she gasped, and we all dragged ourselves out of the common room and left Harry and Ginny alone.


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