Harry Potter

The Muggle parents of a Hogwarts student wonder what's best.  Post GoF
PG-13, original characters

Dumbledore's Creatures
Snape and Lupin discuss old times, loyalties and Harry Potter.  During PoA
PG-13, Snape, Lupin

Something to Celebrate
Snape marks an anniversary with alcohol and angst.  During GoF.
PG-13, Snape, Snape/Lily

Phantom Cruciatus
He has eaten death, darkness and oblivion, and now there's only memory and madness.  Snape is captured by Voldemort.
R-ish, Snape, Harry

Sorting it Out
The dialogue as three characters are Sorted -- 2 drabbles and a mini-epic.
G, Tom Riddle, Snape, Neville

Dragon Hunting
Draco Malfoy slums it in a Muggle club
mild R for language, Draco, Snape

The Riddle Game
They think it's just a game...
PG-13, Harry, OC, future-fic

The Unspeakable Universe
A series of vignettes set in a particular future.
PG-13 - R, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, others, ongoing future-fic

Other Sons
Snape visits his son.  Liz plays with an idea.  Just humour me.
PG-13, Snape, OC

Shining Girl
Lupin and Tara meet in a bar on the Hellmouth.
PG-13, HP-BtVS crossover

Hypothetical Ending
A possible ending.  Possible, not probable.  I hope.
PG-13, Snape, Harry, angst

Waiting for Hell
Dumbledore dies, Ron disappears and now they're just waiting for Hell to open up.
R, Snape/Harry/Hermione; other ships.

Death's Avatar
"Death has green eyes and welcomes him with a smile."
PG-13, Snape, Harry

Two characters wake up together.
R, m/m slash, OCs, future-fic

Snape and Lily in the future tense.  Short, ironic, melancholic.
PG, Snape/Lily, c1980

The Language That God Speaks
Pratchett reassured us that all libraries are one, and Gaiman told us about one particularly unique library.  Hermione discovers a twenty-year-old experimental potion which allows her to access the Dreaming.
PG-13, Hermione, Snape, echoes of Hermione/Ron and Snape/Lily, Sandman crossover

A multi-fandom meta-fic almost entirely composed of in-jokes. Featuring poolboys, mailing lists, archives, authors, Smurfs, Clark Kent, Snape, leather pants, Snape in leather pants, and Liz in a bikini.  Be very, very afraid.

Just Like My Daddy
Someone screws up; someone gets screwed. In 1977, the Potters were more like the Malfoys than Harry would like to believe.
R, James/Snape

Full of Grace
Tuesday's child is full of grace.  Mrs Lestrange and Lily Potter.  Obsession and hatred.
PG-13, 1981, possible f/f; byo subtext

Desire, Reluctance, Temptation
Lucius could teach Lily a few things.
R, Lily/Lucius

The New Boy
Harry is Sorted into Slytherin.  Snape is watchful.
G, AU, Snape, Harry

Drusilla's Type
1978: Drusilla finds a tasty morsel in Knockturn Alley.
PG-13, BtVS crossover, Snape/Drusilla

Riddles and Rumours
Grindelwald attacks Hogwarts, and there are all sorts of rumours flying around.
PG-13, 1945, Riddle, McGonagall, Dumbledore

Blind Hatred
Snape hates James Potter.  And James ... does not hate Snape.
PG-13, Snape/James, drabble

Old Wizard's Ale
James and Sirius have a few beers. But they weren't drunk.  Nuh uh.
strong R, 1977, James/Sirius

The Revenge of Lord Vodkamort
Sex!  Alcohol!  Sporks!  The adventures of an intrepid team of Hogsmeade sharehouse residents as they battle carnivorous wardrobes, inter-dimensional showers and boldly drink what no one has drunk before!
PG-13, post-Hogwarts, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Seamus/Lavender, Snape, Draco

Girl Most Likely
Fifteen years after he defeated Voldemort, Harry Potter finds himself protecting Snape's daughter from an unknown threat.  While Harry wrestles with his literal inner demons, Snape makes Veritaserum cocktails.  Hermione saves the world. Neville saves the day.  Everything gets dreadfully Freudian. 
R, post-Hogwarts, pretty much gen with R/H and H/G aspects.

Multiplying Zeroes
Harry and Ginny: most boring couple ever.  Right?  The girls of Gryffindor Tower certainly think so.
G, Harry/Ginny, first person plural POV

Post-GoF vignette.  Blatantly Ron/Hermione.  Post-OotP canon.

Play Some D
Harry and Desire.
G, H/G, written pre-OotP

One Step Too Far
Snape gets laid.  Some other stuff happens.
PG-13, Snape/OFC, somewhat related to GML

Vant Some Candy, Liddle Girl?
Snape and Luna talk lollipops.
PG-13, Snape/Luna. Drabble.

Sex and Tentacles
Discussion of squid intrudes on an intimate moment.
PG-13, Snape/Luna. What?

Unwanted Truths and Mental Images
Luna's peers find out about her relationship with Snape. Angst revulsion ensues.
PG-13, Snape/Luna.

A Nice Squid Like You In A Place Like This
Snape meets someone unexpected at the Three Broomsticks.
G. Gen. Squid.

Someone Else's Fault
Vernon has an embarrassing fantasy.
R? Distressing. Pre-OotP.

After a Fashion
The Trio have something to say about the new PoA dolls.
G. Strange.

Tonks wears her own face to the Ministry Ball.
PG-13, Tonks/Kingsley.

Frog Prince
Snape and Lily have a reluctant conversation in their sixth year potions class.
PG-13, vaguely Snape/Lily, post-HBP.

Maps to the Stars' Homes
After the war, Harry buys a plane ticket and leaves, but the memories follow.  
PG-13, post-HBP, quite gennish.