Hypothetical Ending
by LizBee
April 2002

rated PG-13
summary: a possible ending.  Possible, not probable.  Enormously angstful.
disclaimer: characters are the property of J. K. Rowling.  She'll probably have a better ending than this.  I hope.

"We discussed this, you know.  Albus and I.  We discussed these possibilities before he died.  He knew he didn't have much time, of course.  He needed to keep Voldemort away from you for a little longer.

"Just a little longer.

"But we talked about this.

"We made our plans.

"Aren't you lucky, Potter?  Thanks to you, Dumbledore's last wishes will be fulfilled.

"You should feel good about that.  If you feel anything at the moment.  It's working quickly, isn't it?

"I do good work.  I imagine that your legs are numb.  Your heartbeat is becoming erratic.  Vision is blurring.

"I know all this, Potter.

"I drank it, too.  That's how I fooled you.  *I* can still talk, of course.  My immunity to most poisons is impressive.  Voldemort ... Voldemort used to make me drink poison.  He'd sit back and watch while my body tried to deal with whatever it was we were using this time.  I nearly died ... well, several times.

"I've lost count.

"I think I actually died, once.  Voldemort ... brought me back.  Said he wasn't ready to let me die.

"I was truly surprised to outlive him.  I was even ... grateful.  To you.


"It's overrated, Potter.  As you well know ... a fine way to ... you've betrayed all of us.  You...

"Selfish.  I always said it, didn't I?  That you were selfish.  Stupid.  Foolhardy.

"I'm sure you'll understand when I say that, for once, I derive no joy from being right.

"You were an idiot, boy.  You wouldn't be the first ... no, hardly the first young man whose study of the Dark Arts turned to practice.  But you're not ... some petty Slytherin.  Or over-curious Ravenclaw.  No, you're Harry bloody Potter, and when *you* dabble in the Dark Arts ... well.

"You should have been a Slytherin, boy.  I'd have taught you how to handle power.  It can be ... intoxicating.  Like the wine.  Like victory.

"I never wanted you to be an auror.  They become capable of ... so much.  I told them ... I told them that you'd never learn something without using it.  Like ... like me.

"Hah.  Yes.

"Like me.

"Dumbledore ... Dumbledore was afraid that this would happen.  I was convinced it was inevitable.  He looked ... looked at me the day before he died.  He looked...

"He said to me, 'I have always regretted, Severus, that I didn't see what Tom Riddle  was becoming until it was too late.'

"He said, 'I should have done something.'

"He said, 'I know I can trust you to do the right thing.'

"He always trusted me.

"You ... in the end, you were another Tom Riddle.

"And I've ... done the right thing.

"The right thing...

"Bloody Potter ...  couldn't just fade into obscurity.  Had to ... explore.

"Taking me ... with you.

"That's ... all right.

"It's better than ... the alternative.  You'd ... you'd have killed me anyway.  Sooner or later.  Like you killed your friends.

"Your father would be ... disappointed.  And Dumbledore ... he had such high hopes.

"We all did.

"I can't feel my legs, Potter.   It's finally working.



"I always said ... that you couldn't ... be trusted.  The Boy Who ... Lived.

"Well ... you're dead now.

"We're all ... so ... disappointed..."

very much the end

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