Vant Some Candy, Liddle girl?
by LizBee

NOTES: R. J. Anderson asked where all the Snape/Luna was, and for some reason, people thought she wanted underage smut. (Minds. Gutters. Some sort of connection there.) The name Lolita was bandied about. Drabbling was inevitable.



"Miss Lovegood," said Snape, "this is a Potions class, not a conference on wizarding ... myths." He sneered. "Professor Flitwick might be happy to give you lollipops and indulge your passion for the apocryphal, but in my class--"

"I never eat lollipops," said Luna, peering at Snape over the tops of her heart-shaped sunglasses. "My father believes the Minister has bribed Lally Licklespit to use illegal brain-melting potions in her products, to ensure support for his Goblin Control laws."

Snape wondered if, perhaps, just once, the Headmaster would permit him to test his experimental Instant Implosion Syrup on a student.