Fanfiction from the Mary Russell universe


Escape Routes
AU from The Beekeeper's Apprentice: Donleavy carries out her original plan of abducting Russell.
femmeslash, death, rated strong PG-13 || commentary

Russell ventures into the Berlin nightlife to deliver an ultimatum to a spy who is rapidly outliving her usefulness.
lesbians, blackmail, rated PG-13

In 1931, Russell and Holmes make one final return to California.
offspring, gratuitous celebrity references, rated PG-13

Donleavy's interest in Russell goes beyond the professional
femmeslash, rated PG-13

Comfort and Joy
In which Russell greets her aunt's Christmas celebrations with something less than enthusiasm.
hurt/comfort Christmas schmoop, rated PG-13.

Her Opinionated Mind
Alternate universe in which Judith Russell dies in San Francisco in 1903. Fifteen years later, her daughter comes to Holmes in the hope that he'll investigate the suicide of her father.
In media res; mild hair obsession, rated PG-13

The Downstairs Tenant
When Russell takes a new flat, her upstairs neighbour - a detective novelist - gets rather more than he bargained for.
Stu-riffic, vaguely plottish, rated PG-13

The Cleverness of Women
Russell receives an invitation from Irene Adler, who makes an offer she can't refuse and brings certain issues to light.
past and future, rated PG-13

The Birth of a First-born Son
The birth of Holmes's son raises an ugly shadow.
baby-fic OMG, pre-WW2, rated PG-13

Russell and Holmes are engaged.  Now the fun begins.
cliched schmoop, rated PG-13

The Smarter Set
Russell survives the social season with less grace than endurance.
1930s, politics, rated PG-13

Russell handles a series of domestic, religious and political crises with all the grace we have come to expect.
1929, family, rated PG-13

The Shadow Kills the Growth
Holmes's death is the catalyst for a family reunion of sorts.  Six years later, his son receives an unexpected visitor who plunges him into a dangerous adventure in Paris.
sons, illegitimate and otherwise, WiP, rated PG-13